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This page will be dedicated to the 1/700 Waterline Series

When I started modelling, i also discovered the 1/700 waterline series.

My first build ship back in the seventies was Tamiya's Heavy Cruiser Suzuya (WL-C003)

Of course I had no idea about the Imperial Japanese Navy and the large ammount of ships they had.

It was years later that i found out about the cooperation of Tamiya, Aoshima, Hasegawa and Fujimi and their
intention to make most of the Japanese fleet in 1/700 scale.

Unfortunately only the Tamiya ships were (partly) available in the Netherlands
so i was only able to buy the Tamiya ships.

Of course now with the internet i am able to get most models from all the firms so I will show some of them here.

First of all, i was very impressed by the box art so the first thing i did was make a list of the initial Waterline series with the box art.

The list of the original series can be found HERE







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