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Collecting German militaria often raise questions and people keep asking me: "Why German Militaria ?"

I can't answer that question, I just happen to like the stuff, although I want to make one thing very clear:

This page is not meant to glorify either war or the fascist regime and its politics that brought so much suffering over the world.
It is an entirely private, non-political and non-profit venture with the single intention of providing objective
technical data and information as a free online database.
This page is in NO way meant to endorse right wing extremists. In fact, I do not encourage people with this opinion to visit this site !


All pictures of equipment used on this page are from my collection and are copyrighted, so please don't use them without asking permission.

 If there are pictures from others I will mention that.

If you see pictures that you think are copyrighted , please drop me an email , and I will remove them (I often get pictures from others who say ,
feel free to use it on your site, for which I am very thankfull, however I can't check if I can or can't use them.


My main language is Dutch (since I'm from the Netherlands :-) ) so if you see mistakes , please forgive me,
and feel free to drop me a mail indicating the mistake and the proper use of English.


Created, maintained and Copyright 2004 / 2013, Tom (remove SPAM from email adress)


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