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German Uniforms and Equipment

Bag for Combat Assault Pack (Beutel zum Gefechtsgepäck)


The bag for the combat assault pack (known as A-frame bag) was made of field grey or olive green canvas.

The dimensions of the bag are aprox.  28 x 13 x 8,5 cm

Mostly the bags are encountered with black straps, but this 1939 specimen still has brown leather



Below the front and back side of the A-frame bag.

 Clearly visble are the leather belts which secure the pockets.
The top pocket was specially designed to hold the Rifle Cleaning Kit RG 34 (Reinigungs Gerät 34)
The lower pocket could contain all kind of food, clothing and other items

On the back side the two webbing belts are shown which are used 
to secure the bag to the A-frame itself.

On the left the manufacturer stamp

"Carl Vogel"






The left picture clearly shows that the top pocked is
designed for the Rifle Cleaning Kit RG34.

The Cleaning Kit with its contents can be found here.

Below the A-frame Bag is shown with some of it's possible contents.

Shown are:

  • Chocolate tin (Scho-ka-kola)

  • Bakelite butter container (Fett Dose)

  • Tent rope

  • Esbit folding cooker in its box

  • Eating utensils

Below the "tropical" version is shown.

The bag is identical, only the tabs, and the straps are from webbing




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