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German Uniforms and Equipment

Army Saddle M25 (Armeesattel 25

Stirrups and Stirrup Straps (Steigbügel und Steigriemen)


This section will focus on the Stirrups and Stirrup Straps.

Below, 2 examples of steel stirrups



Stirrups (Steigbügel)

Below, the description of the Stirrups from H.Dv. 476/2 from 1936

Stirrups (Picture 5)

The Stirrups are made out of cast iron. They consist of
a roughened sole (a) and a metal loop (b), which has an eyelet (c)
for the stirrup straps. The sole is fitted with a hole (d).



Below, the side view of a stirrup.

On the left from the strap eyelet, a faint maker mark can be seen.


Here, the top view of the stirrup.

The roughened sole still can be seen, but has become smooth by intensive use.



Normally, the stamps can be found on the under side of the stirrups.

Below 2 examples

The 1st one is marked "REICHSHEER", with the date 1937, and the WaffenAmt Stamp

The 2nd one is probably an early example which is marked "Linden & Funke" with some Numbers (Regiment or date?)
and the place "Iserlohn"

The abbreviation L&F was used later by this firm and can be found on many metal parts



Stirrup Straps (Steigriemen)

To attach the stirrups to the saddle, stirrup straps were used.

Below, 2 pair of stirrup straps are shown.
The upper pair is dated 1934, while the lower are from 1944.

You can see some difference, but the quality in 1944 is still as good as in 1934





Here the description of the stirrup straps from H.Dv. 476/2 from 1936

Stirrup straps (picture 6)

The stirrup straps (which came in 3 sizes) are equipped at one end with a double buckle,
with a pin (a) without a loop, and on the other end with a pointed end and 16 pinholes.

The sleeve for the double buckle is fastened with a stitching of natural leather.
The natural side of the leather of the stirrup strap is pointed outwards.



A detail picture of the buckle and sleeve of the 1944 dated strap which is fastened with natural leather.

Also visible is the Waffen Amt stamp and very faint the strap size (barely visible)





On the left, the strap size (2) is indicated.




Here the Waffen Amt Stamp and the maker mark and date can be seen.


WaA 136

Maker mark bdt =

"Salewa", Lederwarenfabrik G.m.b.H.,
München, Thalkirchnerstraße 47.

Year of production 1944




And another detail shot of the pointed end which shows the numbered holes



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