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Bayonet (Seitengewehr) SG 84/98


The K98k bayonet’s official name was Seitengewehr (SG) 84/98.

Early versions had grips of wood, while later version mostly had bakelite brown/red grips.
Very late war bayonets however were issued again with wooden grips because of material shortage.



The bayonet served more as a tool then a weapon in the second world war, and not much photo's are seen, 
were the bayonet is attached to the rifle.

Like the Kar 98k , millions of bayonets were produced by a lot of different manufacturers.

Below a selection of german bayonets from my collection.
Notice the variation on the leather frogs which will be explained later.


On the picture below the bayonet has been disassembled.

The one choosen is not the most beautifull, but entire number matching (6758 h) 1939, example
 made by one of the largest bayonet manufacturers E.u.F. Hörster / Solingen.

The names of the parts will be given in german as well as english.



  1. Blade

  2. Crosspiece

  3. Grip (left)

  4. Grip (right)

  5. Nuts (grip)

  6. Flashguard

  7. Screws (grip)

  8. Pommel nut

  9. Pommel spring

  10. Pommel


  1. Klinge

  2. Parierstange

  3. Griffschale (Links)

  4. Griffschale (Rechts)

  5. Muttern für Griffschalen

  6. Feuerschutzblech

  7. Schrauben für Griffschalen

  8. Haltestift Mutter

  9. Feder für Haltestift

  10. Haltestift


  1. Frog

  2. Scabbard

  3. Blade Spring

  4. Blade spring screw


  1. Koppelschuh

  2. Scheide

  3. Haltefedern

  4. Haltefedern Schraube


Some detail pictures


detail picture of the scabbard
which shows the serial no. 6758 h

detail picture of the backside of the scabbard
which shows the manufacturer E.u.F. Hörster
and the date 1939.



A very closeup detail of the WaA stamp (WaffenAmt)
which shows WaA 253, which stands for the 
Weapon inspectors at E.u.F. Hörster.



Here a close-up of the serial no on the blade.

And the serial no's 6758 also visible on the 
inside of the bakelite grips.

Also visible the maker marks of the manufacturer of the bakelite.

The WaA 253 is also on the inside.

Here the serial no. and the WaA 253 on the pommel

And once again the serial no. on the Flashguard



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