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German Uniforms and Equipment

Breadbag Contents


This Section will concentrate on the breadbag contents.

Below a picture of a typical breadbag with some of its possible contents






Items shown are:

- Field Goggles
- RG 34 Cleaning Kit  (own section)
- Condoms
- Chocolate Ration
- Towel
- Ration Bag
- Fork and Spoon
- Glasses
- M34 Field Cap
- Fat Container
- Cigarettes w. matches
- Esbit Field Cooker



Other items (not shown on picture above)

- Shaving Kit
- Soap
- Spare Socks
- Tinned Bread
- Cutlery
- Toothbrush with toothpaste
- Sewing Kit
- Spare Ammunition


The various contents will be shown on the next two pages, or in it's own section




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