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German Uniforms and Equipment

Folding Entrenching Tool (Klappspaten)


Next to the normal shove the German Army also developed the Folding Shovel (Klappspaten)

This shovel was introduced in 1938.

Below left the 1st model is shown. Left the 2nd model.

It's not certain when the 2nd model appeared, but probably around 1942.


On a side note:

Strangely enough the very famous and well known Bible of german equipment
Angolia Vol. 3 has the two type of carriers mixed around.

What they call the 1st type is the 2nd type and the other way around.







Below the 1st type of carrier is show.

An order from 1938 said that the carriers were to me made of artificial leather (Pressstoff or Ersatz Leder).
The loops and straps however had to be made from real leather.

The 1st carrier had a flap that completely covered the spade.








On the left a detail shot of the Maker Mark and WaffenAmt stamp:

A. Fischer
Berlin C.2

WaA 100




On the right the belt loop is shown

It was constructed in a way that the shovel wih cover
easily could be removed from the belt.

This proved impractically however (probably because the
shovel could be lost when running) and on many examples it
is seen that the belt loop is sewn and the rivet has been removed.
(See 2nd type carrier)




Below the 2nd type of carrier is show.

The flap has dissapeared, and a metal reinforcing clip is added which holds the shovel better.

As already mention, it is not known exactly when this typa of carrier was introduced, but the earliest
ones that are encountered are dated 1942








On the left a detail shot of the Maker Mark and date


according to the letter code book this is:

Leo Schmidt, o.H.G.
München 15


Also the rivets fot the metal reinforcement can be seen clearly.




On the right the belt loop is shown.

The belt loop is sewn and the rivet has been removed.





Below the shovel itself is shown in unfolded position.

The length of the shovel is aprox. 70 cm. In folded position the length is aprox. 50 cm






On the left the spade in a 90 degree angle.






Here the shovel is shown when folded.

It is very clearly visible the the angle is not
exactly 180 degrees.

When inserted in the carrier this means
the wooden handle points away from the man
wearing the shovel.



On the right a picture of the blade which shows the
maker mark and WaA.

Most of the time these shovels are Waffen Amt stamps, but
not allways !!





Detail shot of the maker mark and WaA stamp
above the maker mark (very unclear)

The maker mark belongs to Voss & Schröder, Werkzeugfabrik in Plettenberg






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