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Ammunition Can 34 and 41 (Patronenkasten 34 u. 41


With the introduction of the MG 34 a number of accessories also was introduced.

One of them is the so called Patronenkasten 34 , the Ammunition Box 34 which is shown below.

In this can the 7,92 mm ammunition (8 x 57) for the MG34 (or MG42) is carried in 50 round belts.
The total ammount of ammo that could be carried was 300 rounds.

The dimensions of the can are 36 x 17 x 9 cm.





Early models of the can are made out of aluminium, while later ones are made of steel.

Below an example of an aluminium one.





Below the sides and top will be shown.


















On the left a detail picture of the handle (closed)

Also visible the WaffenAmt (WaA) stamp


The total ammount of ammo that could be carried was 300 in belts of 50, but was in fact a little less if the manual is checked.

Below a picture of a german manual that describes the M.G. 34

The Patronenkasten had to be filled in a specific way

On the bottom of the can, two 50 round belts are linked together without a insertion piece (Einführstück)
with the bullet tips opposite to the firing direction (a total of 97 rounds)

The upper layers consists of four 50 round belts with insertion piece with the bullet tips in the firing direction (total of 199 rounds)
or four 50 round belts without insertion piece (total of 197 rounds)



Below, the 50 round Zwischenstück (middle piece) of the belt is shown with a loose insertion piece (Einführstück)

● note: The Patronengurte itself will be dealt with in another section !

If a belt was used without Einführstück, the first 2 and the last link remained empty to avoid loading/feeding problems
with the MG34, making up a total of 47 rounds.



Below, opened Patronenkasten with original ammunition




And the Gurt pulled out the box



Below a picture of the Patronenkasten 34 in use




● Alternate use for Patronenkasten

● Patronenkasten 41

● Carying devices for Patronenkasten




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