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Pioneer/Engineer Jig Saw (Stichsäge)


The pioneer jig saw (Stichsäge) was introduced in 1935 by
H.M. (Heeres Mitteilung) nr 303 from june 17, 1935 to replace the chainsaw (P3003).

It measures aproxomately 56 cm long (scabbard included)

The carriers of the first models were entirely made from leather, but later examples
are made of black and tan Ersatz-leder.



Below the front and back side of a 1943 dated pioneer saw with its artificial leather carrier.

The loop for the bayonet and belt strap are made from normal leather.









303.    Introduction of the portable jig saw.

Instead of the chainsaw »Gliedersäge« P 3003 and the carrying bag for the chainsaw P 3153 a jig saw with carrier is introduced.

Description : Jig saw, Carrier for Jig saw.

Material Classification : 29.

Equipment Category : P. (Pioneer)

Request Mark: Jig saw »P 3009«, Carrier for Jig saw »P 3161«

The production documentation are established at this time.
A delivery procurement will be expected in the second half of the year 1935.

The equipping of the troops etc. shall be effectuated accordig to A.N. (R.H.) and the preliminary A.N. (Üb.)

The items are to be delivered to the troops without any cost. The actual time of delivery will be announced. After the announcement, the Divisions have to order themselves at the appropriate offices with specification of the shipping adress. The Troops will have to return the same ammount of chain saws with carrying pouches.

Army High Command

June 17, 1935




To give an impression what the old chainsaw (Gliedersäge) (P 3003) and carrying bag (P 3153) looked like,
a drawing from H.Dv. 286 from march 28, 1934 (Pioniergerät)







Below the jig saw taken out of it's carrier.





And a shot of the part with the maker mark:


Heer 1943







Detail shot of the maker mark


H 1943


The maker mark stands for :

Steinbach & Goller KG

And an advertisment from the 40's




Below, a picture from the newer version of the H.Dv. 286 (from may 27, 1941)





And the carrier of the jig saw which has metal reinforcements,







On the back of the carrier the 3-letter maker mark is shown:


which stands for:

Deutsche Lederwerkstätten GmbH,
Margarethenstr. 3 (RP)

and the year of production 1943

also a vague WaA stamp can be seen.


And a picture from the carrier from the same H.Dv. 286 as above





Below a picture of how the carrier is worn on the belt in combination with the bayonet





And finaly a picture of the jig saw in use on a flamethrower team
from the propaganda magazine Signal (august 10, 1940)





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