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German Uniforms and Equipment

Webbing Y - Belt (Koppeltragegestell aus Webgurt)


Aproximately in 1940 the Y belts were also produced in webbing material

Initially they were intended for use within the Afrika Korps, but these were produced throughout the war

The first models were made entirely of green webbing (they also had webbing protective piece behind the O-ring)


Below a later war webbing Y belt (Unfortunately not dated)





Below the front and back side of the main , and auxiliary strap

As can be seen the auxiliary strap and the shoulder strap are one piece,
the main strap with hook is sewn on.

Also visible the webbing piece that is sewn behid the hook to protect the Uniform from the metal hook

The length of the straps can be adjusted










Detail shot of the hook that attaches to the ammo pouches.

Clearly visibible the webbing protection.




The back side of the hook which shows the maker mark olc in a diamond

olc stands for Overhoff & Cie. in Lüdenscheid, a firm which stll makes fittings and buckles




Detail shot of the maker mark



Below an overview of the O-ring which holds the straps

Also visible the sewn on D-rings








The back side of the leather protection disc





Detail shot of the sewn on D-Ring


Below : the front and back side of the back strap, which has the same hook as the gasmask strap

Total length if this strap is 32,5 cm.







Detail of the hook



And detail of maker mark olc



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