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German Uniforms and Equipment

Y - Belt for Cavalry (Koppeltraggestell für Kavallerie


This model was officially introduced in February 1940 but were in use since World War 1 by the Reichswehr under 
the name "supporting straps for ammunition pouches".

The belt is made of smooth or grained leather, painted black on the outside and natural colour from the inside.
The metal parts are made from a light metal or steel (often painted light grey, as can be seen here)







The example shown has the following markings:





Below, a detail shot of the ring the connects the three straps.

There is no leather piece under the ring, and the straps are smaller the ones used on the Y-Belt for Infantry.
The "end-piece" is fixed to the ring.







On the left a detail shot of the light grey painted hook that connects to the D-ring on the Ammo pouches or belt loops.





The back side of the belt hook.






The makers logo can be seen here.





Here the (pebbled) leather protective piece for the back hook is shown.




The back side of the back hook.





And again the back hook, now with the leather protection piece lifted.



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