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This page will contain some interesting links from forums, fellow collectors and dealers

German Militaria



 Wehrmacht and the Equipment Forum in particular

 War Relics Forum with the

Field Equipment And Accessories of the Third Reich

Fellow Collector Sites


Another great site with lots of fieldgear :

And of course (and not just because of the name:
great site about the famous MP40

Steiner  - Japanese Site with a lot of pictures





Jim's site Militaria Plaza

Has great stuff for sale !!

Frederik's site fjm44 Militaria Mannequins & more

For the collector who wants quality from Klaus Peter Emig


Rask Antik, Great Site with Original German Militaria for sale


Narvik Militaria, Another Great Site with Original German
Militaria for sale




1/6 Scale (for old time sakes :) )


The Sixth Division

The Sixth Army group





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