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In Memoriam

This page (and this web-site) is dedicated to

Laurent Huart

(1964 - 2008)


 On December 30th,  2008 the terrible news was made public by Jean-Philippe Borg, his friend and co-writer, that
Laurent Huart had passed away on Christmas day 2008.

He made a great difference in my life.

Reposer en paix, mon Ami.   Rest in Peace my friend


In 2002, I had a difficult period in my life (burn-out) and collecting militaria had lost my interest.
I couldn't focus and I didn't know what to do with my hobby... I collected militaria of all kind but it wasn't much fun....

Then, by coincidence, I stumbled across a magazine called Militaria Magazine and inside was an article:
La 2. Panzerdivision en Normandie, juin 1944

I bought the Magazine and (although I can't read French very well) I was pleasantly surprised by the article:

A well written article with a lot of good pictures of mannequins,  weapons and equipment.

This magazine changed my life as it suddenly became clear to me, I was going to focus on equipment and try to get all the equipment
(and some of the weapons) as shown in the article........

Also it was then that I decided to make this web-site

After that I met Jean-Phillippe and Laurent on the Wehrmacht Equipment Forum and had very pleasant contact with both of them.

Since then I bought every Militaria Magazine with equipment articles from them (I will make a list of them) and the fun in collecting was back.

As time passed I became sort of friends with Laurent and Jean-Philippe and you can imagine I was shocked to hear of Laurent's death.


I will continue work on this web-site in honour of Laurent Huart, he will not be forgotten !


Reposer en paix, mon Ami.



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