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German Uniforms and Equipment

"A" - Frame / Combat Assault Pack (Gurtbandtragegerüst)
a.k.a. Gefechtsgepäck für Infanterie Schützenkompanien


The combat assault pack was introduced in april 1939 and was developed at the same time as
the Y belt with support straps.

The assault pack was used to carry the tent quarter and mess tin. 
Furthermore, a bag which contained small items such as the rifle cleaning kit, food items etc. was an integral part of the A-frame

Basically, there were two types, the webbing frame with leather straps, and the all webbing frame, which is also
referred to as the tropical A frame.

Below on the left, the regular version is shown , while on the right the "tropical" version is shown


Below the front and back side of the combat assault pack 

The dimensions of the frame are aprox. 28  x 26 cm.

Below,  some detail shots of the A-frame D ring parts which hooked onto the Y-Belt.

The picure on the right shows the maker of the hardware: D & C

On the left you can also see the metal loop which were used for the packing belts (Mantelriemen)
These belts were used to secure the Great Coat, or a blanket, but this was not practiced very often since this
piece of equipment was mainly used in combat.

Below left an image of the maker mark

Unfortunately it is unreadable, so if anyone has a similar mark that it readable,
 I would be more then happy to hear about it....

Below right a detail shot of one of the "Zeltbahn" straps

On the picture below, the A frame is shown together with the Y straps.
The top D-rings from the A frame fit on the D-rings from the Y-belt
The lower D-rings from the A-frame fit on the auxiliary straps from the Y-belt

Two more pictures of the D-rings

The following series of pictures will show the A-frame with the following pieces attached:

  • A-Frame Bag

  • Mess Tin with strap

  • Zeltbahn


Finaly, a side view of the fully packed A-frame

Also visible (in the Zeltbahn) is the bag which contains the tent poles and stakes.

Click here for the A-frame Bag 

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