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Gas Mask Accesories


 On this page, different accesories for the gas mask will be shown.



Dust cover for gas mask(Staubschutzbeutel für Gasmaske)

An order dated April 6th 1943 (HM 1943 Nr. 372)  introduced the so called Staubschutzbeutel für Gasmaske.

It was intended to protect the expiratory valve but also protected the Filter from fine dust.

Below a picture from the cover







Left, the inside of the cover is shown.

A couple of cables are mounted to prevent the filter from clogging





Left :

Here the cover is shown insideout to give a better view of the cables


Below the Heeres Mitteilung 1943 Number 372 with translation





372. Dust Cover for Gas Mask.

To protect the gas mask expiratory valve in desert areas from leaks caused by penetrating fine dust,
a protective cover has been developed that has to be pulled over the filter and the connecting piece
and then tied to the connecting piece.

The dust cover also protects the suspended sediment filter from the filter cartridge for prenetrating from
great ammounts of fine dust, that increases the resistance of the suspended sediment filter
with prolonged respiration.

The dust cover is for every mask wearer of those units that are equiped with tropical equipment and is
to be carried inside the Gas mask cannister.


The first requirement is to be supplied to the supreme commander South without request.
Further requests need to be submitted to the supply route.

Change of the layout Ch 4402 to A.N. is done with the new printing

The Military District Commands and General Command Reserve HQ  will be supplied with 500 dust covers
for gas masks. Further requests per H.M. 1942 Nr. 760.


Finally below 2 pictures of the Staubschutzbeutel in use





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